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A Vertically Integrated Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Company

m8bet indonesia is a publicly traded and vertically integrated blockchain and cryptocurrency company that manages, operates, and develops end-to-end digital solutions to monetize the blockchain ecosystem.


m8bet indonesia manages, operates, and develops end-to-end digital solutions to monetize the blockchain ecosystem.

Blockseer Software Platform

Creating the most trust-worthy eco-system for the Blockchain community.

Data Center Operations

m8bet indonesia has successfully built its data center located in Christina Lake, BC.

Forensics Consulting

Consulting services to help other cryptocurrency data center companies develop their facilities and set up operations.

m8bet indonesia’s businesses are segmented into two main divisions:

Core Strategy – Crypto Infrastructure Operations

m8bet indonesia’s core infrastructure operations are the foundation of its vertical integration strategy. Our core operations focus on earning revenues from block rewards and transaction fees by mining primarily bitcoin as well as providing hosting services and supplying crypto-mining hardware for industrial mining clients.

Core+ Strategy – Data Analytics and Forensics Services

m8bet indonesia’s data analytics and forensic services provide technical expertise software products such as Blockseer Pool, Mine Manager, and Walletscore, as well as working with auditors, law firms, and law enforcement organizations.

m8bet indonesia’s mission is to become the domain expert across the business vertical of blockchain mining and become a business operation with a myriad of options for innovation, economies of scale, risk mitigation, sustainability, and investment protection.


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